NEW Flex Boots Wide

Flex Boot product development never ceases; Jiri is almost constantly testing and developing new ideas based on customer demands, and one of these ideas is now seeing the light of day: Flex Boot Wide are here!

These boots are the same sole width and length, so they are ideal for horses who have a naturally round hoof, but it’s worth noting that a hoof can be round by nature, or because they are flared – there’s a difference!

They are available in sizes 110W, 120W and 130W to begin with, and the other sizes will be added in due course in the following months. Eventually, the wide boots will be available in all the same sizes as the standard boots. However, because the current size 150 boot is already rounder in shape than the other standard boots, we will not be making a separate wide version of this size.

View the size chart for the currently available boots. The wide boots take the same size TPU gaiter, neoprene gaiter and back strap as their standard width cousins, and the wide boots will also be available as custom boots in case your customers will need smaller or larger TPU gaiters for their boots. Note that the standard Flex pads do not fit the new wide boots, because the boot sole shape is different. Wide pads will be available for the new boots soon.


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