Flex Reflective Neoprene Gaiter

Flex reflective neoprene gaiters are sold individually; to purchase a pair, add two gaiters to your basket.


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The Flex reflective neoprene gaiter combines comfort, functionality and safety in a new and innovative way! Made with the same top-quality neoprene as all the other Flex Boot neoprene gaiters, but laminated with highly reflective material on the top side. These gaiters are a classy grey in daylight, but when light hits them, the reflective material makes your horse’s legs visible from all directions. These really are a must for anyone riding on roads with cars, especially in low-light conditions.

The reflective neoprene gaiters follow the shape of the TPU gaiters and protect the feet from possible rubbing. They are very durable when the boot is properly fitted to the hoof.


Flex neoprene gaiters are available in four sizes that fit the following boot sizes as standard.


Reflective neoprene gaiters are made of 5mm thick neoprene with black laminated fabric on the underside, and a silver reflective material on the top side.

Care instructions

Neoprene gaiter can be rinsed with water or washed in a washing machine in a cold cycle. Air dry only, do not tumble dry.


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