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After taking my horse barefoot in 2017, I struggled to find any local support and even the shops didn't seem to know much about the few dusty boots on the shelves... So I took myself on several courses in barefoot trimming, to immerse myself in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and of course the trim itself. From there I started testing out different boots and slowly grew a range based on what worked and designs that each offered a different support for the many variations of hooves I work with.

Phillippa Christie

I offer my services virtually & in person, fitting boots, alongside one off trimming and helping owners find the best management solution to encourage better health, fitness and ultimately growing a stronger hoof.

I believe hoof boots are brilliant for the transition from shod to barefoot, and for some horses (particularly those with metabolic conditions) they may continue to need additional support.

But for others, the right combination of management, diet and trim can provide long term soundness, so owners can work towards the ultimate goal of riding free.

Online Fitting

Read my guide > send photos > try the fit kit > order your boots. Simple!

Talks & Demos

Would you like me to talk about barefoot, hoof boots & demo how they work?

Ask Me

There are many ideas about barefoot, I'm happy to answer your questions.

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