Hoof Boot Fitting

Once you receive your boots or fit kit, you’ll want to try them on to ensure they fit well. Here is some helpful information to help you assess the fitting of your boots.

BEFORE Fitting New Boots

If you’ve ordered boots, please cover the horse’s hooves – such as with a bag before putting them on – as any soiling of the boots may incur a re-stocking fee.  Also, I recommend putting a towel on the floor for the horse to stand on. Please do not ride in the boots until you are pleased with the fitting and intend to keep them.

Scoot Boots

Instructions for using Scoot Boots

Checking Fit of Scoot Boots

Swiss Galoppers

Instructions for the Swiss Galopper Boots

Adjusting the Longer Boots


Sizing & Fitting Cavallo boots

Flex Boots

Fitting & adjusting your Flex Hoof Boots

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