Please note if you are having shoes removed we recommend getting in touch with us at least 3 weeks before to ensure we can get the fit kit out promptly and supply boots swiftly, reducing your horse's waiting time

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I want someone to fit my boots in person

Depending on your local a fitter or trimmer calls out to you and uses a variety of fit kits to find the right size for your equine.
If no one is available in your area please choose virtual.

I'd like professional support and a fit kit

If you are completely new to hoof boots or not feeling confident, or you have a complex fitting case then this is the option for you.
Virtual experience available throughout Ireland.

I am confident to size and fit my own boots

Download our free guide, follow the steps and use the sizing charts provided. Optionally you can order a fit kit (which we recommend) and choose which size fits best yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions about hoof boots. 

That’s a really big question, to answer it I have written a blog article. Click here to read

Not all barefoot horses need boots. In fact we want to help owners support their horses to be barefoot for most or all of the time.

Most horses will need some form of support when transitioning from shod to barefoot.

Let us say that shoeing every 6 weeks at a cost of approx. €100 per set is roughly €900 per year.

Boots require a 6 weekly trim. Sometimes owners may get involved with the maintenance between farrier visits which will significantly lower the cost. But if we compare like for like with a 6 weekly farrier visit the cost for trimming is €360 (based on €40 trim) plus the cost of a set of boots (95% of horses I fit only require front boots) is on average €200. 

So the saving over a year is around €340. 

If you decide to manage hooves and only have 2-3 visits per year means savings of up to €550 per year, per horse.

Only for boots that will be worn over boots or that will be used for a temporary replacement.  

Many boot designers will tell you that shoes can cause damage to the boots, so while it is possible on some brands we don’t recommend it as a long term solution.

It is likely that the boots will not last as long as over a trimmed barefoot hoof. Shoes, nails and sharp edges can lead to fast wear and tear.

It is also worth noting that using boots over shoes will void any warranty.

This isn’t quite as straight an answer as most would like. It heavily depends on the amount of riding, the terrain, the horse’s movement and landing and how regularly they are trimmed. Long toes can split some designs, and some soles are softer than others. 

Typically we expect boots to last 1,000km or 620 miles, although some riders may find they last even longer.

Yes please see the events page to find and book an appointment 

Yes, however most only fit ice studs which are smaller. 

Explora can be used with normal studs.

There is a large range in tread depth and designs, I can help you find the most suitable for the activities you plan to do.

More Questions?

If you have a questions not answered above please get in touch.

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