Which is the BEST hoof boot?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked and while we would love to give you a straightforward answer, there is not a singular ‘BEST’ hoof boot. The question I suggest is “which is the most suitable hoof boot?” because the answer is dependent on the hooves we are fitting. So which is the most suitable? The main factors that affect hoof boot fit are measurements, conformation and development.


Taking into consideration the width, length and heel angle we can calculate from a sizing chart which boots are most ‘likely’ to fit. These are basic parameters and are the starting point for expert fitting.

Self-fitting usually only takes into account length and width, which is less accurate and why we recommend the custom fit kit to aid you with your decision-making.


This relates to the height, flare and angles of the hoof. For example, some boot designs will not suit a straight hoof, while others would be more accommodating to flares and a-symmetry.

There are some more serious health reasons for conformation deviation, such as laminitis. These will impact on the boot design we recommend, such as the therapy range or those offering more comfort and support.

With our expert fitting service, we will report on the conformation of the hooves and we can discuss this in more detail during the consultation process.


The development of both the sole and soft tissues will help to determine the supports required and it will also impact the designs we recommend. For example, where a hoof has a flat sole with less to no concavity we will recommend a stronger or more cushioned base.

So you see, there is more to hoof boots, than simply the best boot. The most suitable boot will fit correctly, offer the right level of support and suit its intended purpose. To help you get started, we have classed boots into their recommended uses, so you can get an idea of which boots will suit the needs of your horse.

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