Winter Care Tips

Another Winter is around the corner, and many of us are asking- what happened to Summer? Because we haven’t had the driest it is extra important to check the condition of your boots going into the Winter months.


You’re looking for any cracks or breakage around the sole and heels, especially to the straps as these being made of thinner materials are most likely to wear. While boots are hardy and can stand 1000’s of km hacking, they will eventually start to wear so make sure you’re keeping them clean and storing them correctly (room temperature and no in plastic – they need to dry out and breathe!)


If your straps are a little worse for wear, why not invest in some reflective or brightly coloured straps? These are helpful when it’s darker both for you and to improve your visibility if you are riding on the road. (Note: straps are not considered enough road safety gear – make sure to wear a hi-vis vest and/or other larger visible clothing).

If you want to go all out, Cavallo and Swiss Galopper offer Lemon coloured boots which really stand out!

Mud Protection

If you are going to be hacking in through heavy mud some brands such as Scoot Boot offer Mud Straps which are added protection – also useful for beach riding! We not only stock the straps, but the individual components if you are missing any. We ship anywhere in Ireland for €5 up to €100 and FREE for orders over €100.

Hoof Care

Don’t forget those hooves! We have a natural range of hoof care products hand-made by UK farrier Chris Parker from Parker’s Equine. The Hoof Balm acts as a moisture barrier while not drying out the hooves. It’s especially useful if your horse suffers from thrush as it contains essential oils to combat the bacteria. Buy the bundle and SAVE €5!

We also have a new product from Freedom Riding Articles called Hoof Hard, again made with essential oils it promises to harden the hoof for added protection when hooves may soften due to wet conditions. Maria and I are currently testing out the product and look forward to sharing our results soon.

We have put together all of these products and more in our Winter Essentials range for your convenience. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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