NEW! Trickle Net Pre-Orders

Save up to 20% when you pre-order your Trickle Net before 27.11.23

We were very sad to say goodbye to so many brands after Brexit, but due to so many requests, we have decided to persevere and bring back the much-loved Trickle Net to our shop.

Trickle Net designed a range of slow feeder, hard-wearing hay nets for round and square bales PLUS additional sizes perfect for horses and ponies. They are fantastic quality and I have personally used them for years.

Benefits of using Trickle Net

  • Cuts down the amount of hay your horse can gorge on, meaning they can trickle feed as they would in the wild, and is much more suited to the eating style they need for optimal digestive health.
  • Saves you money by reducing wasted hay pulled from the feeder. This also reduces clean up, saving you time and effort cleaning up dropped hay
  • These nets are seriously durable, I have used the same one for over 4 years now! They also include a fix kit just in case.
  • Well-sized to your bales, these can take a large round bale or square bale.

Our pre-order offer allows you to save up to 20% and we also have a special shipping offer below.

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