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We work with farriers and trimmers in Ireland to deliver an in-person hoof boot fitting service.

Why fit hoof boots with HBI?

helping horses

Being able to provide horses and owners with an alternative or therapeutic solution to shoes for comfort and performance is extremely fulfilling.


Include hoof boot fitting with your existing services - increase your income potential while offering a valuable service

earning potential

Added earnings from your fitting fees - of which you keep 100% PLUS we'll give your clients vouchers for our website.

Free training

Ongoing support and access to free training for a growing range of hoof boot brands are just some of the benefits of being part of our team.


If you do not have any previous experience of hoof boots or fitting don't worry. Hoof Boots Ireland offer free online training you can take in your own time. We are also a phone call away and available through WhatsApp for a second opinion.

Fit Kits

We have access to world class hoof boot brands and can provide fit kits at a reduced rate.

Open Trade Account

Open an account to order your fitting kits or your first products. We offer an affiliation program and trade discounts up to 20% off for re-sale.

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