Introducing the NEW Glue On Range

The Benefits of Boots and Glue-Ons

We believe in embracing innovation while staying true to our roots. Here’s why we’re excited about the harmony between traditional hoof boots and glue-on boots and shoes..


Hoof boots excel in situations where quick and easy application is essential, providing instant protection for hooves during rides, turnout, and rehabilitation. Meanwhile, glue-on shoes offer a more permanent solution, ideal for long-term wear and competitive performance.


With a wide range of sizes, styles, and features available, our large range of hoof boots offer an excellent choice of design to suit a variety of hoof shapes and sizes. Glue-on shoes, on the other hand, can be tailored for specific needs, such as maximizing traction or minimizing weight for competition.

Comprehensive Hoof Care

By offering both hoof boots and glue-on shoes, we empower horse owners to address a diverse range of hoof care needs with confidence. Whether you’re trail riding, competing in the arena, or simply supporting your horse’s overall hoof health, we’ve got you covered.

Which One is Right For Me?

The main factors to consider are application, environment, types of riding and style.


Boots are designed to offer a convenient on/off solution, providing your horse with the benefits of being barefoot while ensuring hoof protection when needed. For riders seeking occasional hoof protection for trail riding or pasture sound horses, boots are an excellent choice. With a wide selection available for performance riding, pleasure riding, and therapy, boots cater to various needs.

If you prefer a hassle-free solution without the need for frequent application and removal, glue ons may be more suitable. Lightweight and flexible, glue ones allow the hoof to flex naturally, akin to barefoot conditions. They can stay on for a full trim cycle and are often reset, offering convenience and longevity. Applied solely by glue, boots and shoes provide lasting protection and comfort for your horse.


Environmental factors play a crucial role in deciding between boots and glue ons. Consider your horse’s living conditions—are they frequently traversing hard surfaces such as a track, or enjoying green or more boggy pasture? For horses needing 24/7 protection, glue ons may be preferable, while those requiring protection only during rides can opt for boots. Your choice may depend on your preference for application style and the specific needs of your horse.

Type of Riding

The level of activity your horse engages in also influences your choice of hoof protection. Boots and glue on shoes cater to various disciplines, from leisure riding to high-performance competitions like hunter/jumper, dressage, barrel racing, and endurance riding. Glue on shoes, particularly, are favored for horses undergoing daily training due to their long-lasting nature, while boots offer convenience for horses ridden intermittently.


For riders seeking a seamless, natural look, glue on shoes are an ideal option. Made of clear urethane, they blend seamlessly with the hoof, offering a virtually invisible appearance. Additionally, natural and black adhesives are available to match the color of the hoof wall, ensuring a polished aesthetic for show purposes. Glue on shoes have featured at all levels of competition including the Olympics!

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