Meeting Pixie & Peanut

Following my interview with Grassroots Gazette, I learned that my interviewer Oonah has two very adorable little miniature shetlands who she adopted through Cohb Rescue. She was hoping to increase their fitness and start long-lining them and due to previous health issues, it would be useful to have a set of hoof boots to keep the ponies comfortable, so Hoof Boots Ireland offered to sponsor each of the ponies a set of hoof boots.

Choosing the boots

We started the process with Oonah taking measurements and we then created a sizing report for each pony and put together a bespoke miniature fit kit. The boots which suited both ponies were the Flex Hoof Boots – and with their limited edition pink boots it turned out that would be the perfect match for their other accessories.

Meeting the minis

With such cute little ponies who are the mirror image of my own minis Daisy and Dolly, I couldn’t resist travelling down to fit the boots in person once the boots came in stock. I was delighted to meet Oonah, Pixie (bay) and Peanut (chestnut). The ponies were absolute superstars, being no trouble at all with their fitting and very patient with me while I was making adjustments.

Trying the boots

Straight after our fitting, Onnah shared some fantastic videos including an update on their first outing in the boots. If you would like to follow their journey and all of their adventures please check out their page The antics of CRH Peanut and Pixie – Rescue Ponies

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