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What's Involved?

An person fitting typically lasts 30-60 mins per horse depending on how many hooves are being fitted.

At the appointment your fitter will bring their available fitting kits, and where available a selection of boots and accessories. If your required boot size is not available on the day you can order online or through your fitter.

Contact a fitter to book an appointment or request a visit.

HBI Fitters

Brian Horohoe


Brian is an Irish Master Farrier and European Federation of Farriers Associations Member. He specialises in remedial work and offers both barefoot trimming and hoof boot fitting alongside traditional farriery services.

Brian currently carries Scoot Boot but will soon include more.

Maria Blumenthal


Maria is an experienced barefoot trimmer with many years of training. She keeps up to date with new complementary techniques including hoof boot fitting and offers both services throughout Southern Ireland.

Maria carries Scoot Boot, Explora & Equine Fusion fit kits.

Phillippa Christie


Phillippa has been fitting hoof boots since 2017 and has certifications in equine anatomy and training in barefoot trimming.  Phillippa  manages Hoof Boots Ireland enquiries, sales and aftercare.

Phillippa carries all fit kits, stock & accessories.

Request a Visit

Please include how many horses require fitting, your county and a best contact number.


Fill in the form above and we will either refer you to your nearest fitter or get in touch to offer a virtual fitting.

This depends on the fitter and travel costs they may incur. You will need to discuss this with your fitter before your appointment.

We appreciate that life happens! Please let your fitter know at least 48hrs before your appointment. If you need to cancel less than 48hrs you may still be charged for some or all of the appointment – at the discretion of the fitter.

We recommend asking your fitter about their cancellation policy before booking.

This depends on the individual fitter, some do carry stock however this isn’t a guarantee they will have stock on the day to suit your horse. 

We can send boots to you or your fitter, depending if you would prefer a follow up appointment for added fitting support.

If you wish to book please contact your nearest fitter or fill in the form.

Payments to fitters are usually made by cash/bank transfer. 

Payments of boots can be made over the phone by card, online via PayPal or bank transfer. You can also order directly on the website and add in the notes if you want the parcel sending directly to your fitter.

If you aren’t sure and need any support please give us a call on 085 8772543

More Questions?

If you have any further questions please get in touch & we’ll be happy to help.

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