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Scoot boots are hoof boots designed specifically for barefoot horses. They are created to allow natural movement while offering protection for the horse's hooves. Here's a breakdown of their features geared towards performance riding:

Designed by a Farrier, the boots are built with an understanding of a horse's hoof anatomy and its biomechanics, allowing for a natural gait. The design prioritizes unrestricted movement, crucial for performance disciplines. Scoot boots are suitable for various terrains, accommodating different riding styles.

New Enduro Boots share the core performance aspects of Scoot boots with some potential improvements which are better suited to high and low heel conformations.


Open Toe and Side Vents

For drainage, ventilation and open toe for optimum break over.

Scoot Tread

For secure grip and great traction over all terrain.

Secure & Easy to Put On

No cables or velcro. Precise fit to the hoof wall.

Flexible, Shock Absorbing Sole

Provides comfort for joints and soles when on harsh terrain.

Lightweight & Low Profile

Sleek and light design ideal for competition.

Removable Straps

Fun coloured options available to make your boots stand out.


Scoot Boots are designed for maximum performance. They are a choice for many equestrians from the happy hacker or TREC enthusiast, to the FEI and national competitor. 


Below are the sizing charts for Scoot Boots and Enduro Boots. For mini sizing please contact us.

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