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The Easyboot Remedy is a strong, waterproof, and flexible horse hoof soaking boot. It can be used as a tool in horse hoof abscess treatment, ice therapy for horses, laminitis recovery, and more.

Both the Easyboot Remedy (short version) and the Easyboot Ultimate Remedy (tall, over the knee version) have an impressive list of features.

  1. 100% waterproof. Designed and built to be 100% waterproof from top to bottom so liquid and ice stay inside.
  2. Water-repellent. No more soggy boots – just hang them up and water rolls off and dries in seconds.
  3. Four-way stretch materials. Application and removal are a cinch. Plus, the back pull tabs and over the knee fold down design make use even easier.
  4. Genuine natural rubber overlays. Does not contain PVC.
  5. Rubber outsole adds durability and traction.

The Easyboot Remedy is the perfect ice therapy boot for horses. Simply add water and ice and let your horse enjoy the overall cooling effect, as well as reduced inflammation and a quicker recovery. In addition, this hoof soaking boot is great for treating a hoof abscess. Folks living in dry, hot areas can soak hooves in water before the farrier arrives. This soaker boot is also great for using solutions like “White Lightning” or “Clean Trax” to treat white line disease, thrush, abscesses, seedy toe, and hoof rot.

Measuring and sizing for the Easyboot Remedy and Easyboot Ultimate Remedy is different from the other hoof boots in the EasyCare boot range. With the Easyboot Remedy, the fit should be loose to allow room around the hoof and lower leg. The extra room allows for the liquid and/or ice to circulate. The Easyboot Remedy range is a loose-fitting boot designed to hold liquid while a horse is tied and monitored.  If you are in doubt, size up. If you are close to the top measurements on the large size, the application will be a bit more difficult.


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