Explora Magic Boots Regular

Included: A single boot and a spare screw bag.


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The hoof boot that gives you solutions so that you only worry about enjoying your horse.


Height adjustable

The height of the heels of your horse is no longer a problem when looking for boots, Explora Magic adapts like a glove to any hoof.

Simple, effective and super fast adjustment

With easy-on system so you can fit the boot easily and quickly.


It facilitates the movements of the horse without reducing freedom, without limiting it.

Maximum ergonomics for unsurpassed performance

  • Frog doesn’t atrophy
  • Anti-loss system
  • No twist system
  • Adaptable to different hoof types
  • Allows the natural expansion of the hoof
  • Heels holded but with mobility so that they work free and perform their natural function

Take care of the most delicate areas of the hoof

We are concerned about chafing, that is why we have developed a soft and breathable bulbs protector, which will make us forget about the chafing on the bulbs.

All-terrain shell

Excellent grip in all terrains. Water, rock, mud, … there is no limit!


A good fit is key so that the boot stays in place and we can enjoy it safely.

Resistant and Reusable

There are spare parts for all its parts, which makes it an economical and environmentally friendly boot.

Easy cleaning boots

Designed to evacuate water, sand and mud easily. So you only worry about riding.


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