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Explora Magic Hoof Boots are very well named because they fit like magic! We have been trying out a pair on our own horse and we are delighted with the fit and functionality of the boots.

Designed in Spain, the Explora Magic Boot is incredibly adjustable, taking into account both heel height and hoof shape. The sole is highly durable and can even be fitted with full-size studs for use in jumping on wet ground.

Available in both regular and slim fitting and we have the full fit kit available as part of both fitting packages. The boots include extra straps, neoprene padding (which is available in different colours) and a handy carry bag.

To date, our experience and feedback have been excellent. This boot is highly suited to performance as well as general riding purposes, trekking and endurance. You can see the boots being ridden in thick mud in the fitting video.

What we really appreciate in this boot is both the design for comfort and the level of adjustability. There is so much to these boots and we are delighted to be able to make these available to our customers in Ireland.

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