NEW Hoof Care Range!

As a horse owner, I have been using Parkers Equine products for almost two years. It was only during writing a recent article recommending their products did I realise it would be helpful to have them available, as they didn’t have a stockist in Ireland. I am delighted to welcome Parkers Equine to our range!

Parkers Equine hoof care products include a hoof balm and cavity wax. I have personally used the hoof balm, which has been excellent in Summer with Vitamin E to hydrate the hooves and prevent cracking, and in Winter, the combination of waxes acts as a barrier to not allow in too much wet. Taking on too much moisture can make hooves soft and prone to breakage. The balm contains natural oils known for their properties in treating and preventing thrush. The balm is available in 500ml and 1 litre. In terms of usage, I found that 500ml applied twice weekly on my three horses lasted 6 months.

Parkers Equine Cavity Wax

If you do have cavities in the hoof, such as a crack or perhaps an exit hole for an abscess, the cavity wax can be used as a thicker barrier to protect against further infection. Available in 250ml see the before and after photos below.


We have created a bundle package which saves you €5 when you buy the 500ml and cavity wax together.

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