The Scoot Boot

The Scoot Boot is one of our most popular boots, probably because it really is super versatile to fit and looks very neat and discrete. The black sheen gets referred to as a super shiny black hoof paint and they have some stunning new colours if you would like to co-ordinate your matchy accessories.

The boots are suitable for all breeds, including our super hairy cobs and finer thoroughbreds and especially good for our Connies who tend to do plenty of jumping-based activities.

What I personally like about Scoots is the attention to detail, such as the window at the bottom of the boot that allows for growth through the trimming cycle, and the excellent deep tread which offers protection on stony forestry roads. The Scoot is also a great boot for supporting natural barefoot hooves because it offers protection while allowing the hoof to remain responsive. It can help horses who are sore by including a pad in the base, but there are some instances where your equine might need more solid protection and these aren’t my first choice in those specific cases – it’s why I offer free help and advice when choosing boots.

In sizes mini – draft with slim fit options, there really is plenty to choose from. It’s rare to meet a hoof in Ireland that these don’t fit. Suiting hooves wider than long, rounded and narrow. They aren’t suitable for upright or high heels, but with their NEW design, the Endro launching recently plans to take care of those problem fits. Watch the unboxing of the Scoot Boot Enduro.

If you would like my help to get measured and trial a fit kit to find the right fit for your horse, pony or mule check out my virtual fitting service which is available throughout the whole of Ireland for only €35. It’s a money and time-saving service as you receive a fitting guide, 1:1 advice, and a tailored fit kit to hire for 7 days with fully inclusive postage both ways PLUS includes a €10 voucher to spend in the shop.

Have a question about Scoot Boots? Drop me a message at [email protected]

Happy hoof booting! Phillippa

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