Unboxing the Scoot Boot Enduro!

The NEW boot design unveiled by Scoot Boot in September 2022 is now available to pre-order! Check out the unboxing video to learn more.

The Scoot Enduro Hoof Boot promises to fit those horses with both low and high heels that don’t quite suit the popular original Scoot Boot. The Enduro Bulb Strap can be lengthened or shortened, raised or lowered, and the rear screws have two adjustable settings. A range of mud straps is included with your purchase to customise for the correct fit.

The improved fit is achieved with an open toe, sides and back with no bulb pressure. The Scoot Boot Enduro is designed to perform being robust, durable and lightweight is features excellent traction and a flexible sole.

Currently available in sizes 00-3, the fit kit will soon be available as part of our virtual fitting services.

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